Welcome, glad you found the site. Please look around and feel free to
offer suggestions. This site is for all former Shipmates, both Officers
and Enlisted. If you are not a member of our club, welcome aboard,
and please consider joining our fine group. If you are a member, thank
you for checking in.
Crewmember: One of a body of individuals that comprise  a
I don't know when your e-mail address changes or when a
spouse may pass away.
YOU have to notify me. By notifying
me you may save someone unneeded grief.  
Shipmate: One of a body of individuals that comprise the heart
of the ship. A friend, a buddy, a lifelong memory that is a living part of
the ship that can be counted on in times of need and times of  strife,
and  can also be counted on in times of revelry and joy.
A soul and sentiment that will live forever and echo in the hearts and
minds of his fellow shipmates.
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