Yes, this is where we ended up!
After convincing the ones that remained behind that we truly were not
crazy. We headed out to zip!
This tower was just outside of the main building. I figured that it was going
to be a tough climb for me. As it turned out. This tower would come later.
We were directed down the steps where our instructors would take over.
Ryan and Tony our two instructors took us to this very high zip line. As
you can see. If you really tried, you could stretch out and touch the
ground! They made sure we knew what to do prior to getting on the "real"
zip lines. All the safety rules were followed by all. Ashley the
photographer was at the last zip getting our pictures. I'm glad she was at
the end, rather that earlier on. At least by this time we learned what we
were doing!
Most of us caught on early on what we were doing. John earned the title
of "Straight Arrow".
It looks like we all passed the test on the beginner zip. We then went to
our first real zip that was slightly higher.
I asked the instructor to let the group go up first so they wouldn't have
to wait on me. I knew it would take me a while to climb the steps.
Aaaaahhhhh some of the benefits of smoking in the past. So far. No
extra oxygen required. As it turned out. I got several "Thanks". My
slow climb going first made several of them look good! LOL. Our
cheering (photographers, life insurance beneficiaries, and just friends)
followed us from the ground.
To the right of our tower, off in the distance sits our hotel. We've
watched the "zippers" from there!
Heights were never a problem with me. We had several people
within our group that had some real fears of heights. They should be
very proud that they conquered (at least for today) those fears. I
watched "death grips" on the ropes and cables become more casual,
as the fear subsided. As the "zips" progressed, so did their
enjoyment. Tony and Ryan did a great job in reassuring and instilling
confidence with them.
A couple of us decided to do a flip and ride part of the zip up
side down. Tony told us how to do it. As it turn out, it was as
easy as he said.
Like they say. "All good things must come to an end". Yup,
were all back on terra firma, and nobody had to force a
smile. We all said it ended too soon. Something tells me, this
will be repeated in the future.