USS Stribling DD867
25th Reunion Branson,MO
Unknown to the vast majority of us. This is the "real" entrance to the hotel.
Most of us pulled into this entrance. are right at
registration. Well you're there after climbing the steps! Thankfully they tell
you about the "other" entrance for your luggage.
After unpacking. Those of us who were early arrivals found a nice relaxing
area to congregate.
You had to go through the pool area to get to the patio.
If you paid attention. You learned quickly not to move your vehicle if you
found a space close to the door.
The group had several meals in the hotel restaurant.
The upper entrance worked out well as a meeting place prior to heading out.
We all drove. Rather than walk. If I wanted to do anything when we reached
our destination. I had to get a ride.
On this venture out of the hotel. A group of us went on a "Duck" ride.
It was a pleasant day as we headed for the water. There was a slight breeze
coming from the port side. (That's the left side for all you land lovers!)
Many of us stayed dry on the initial splash into the water. We sat low in the
water and some got wet from the breeze picking up the spray.
Don't worry. The water won't hurt you.................there's no soap in it!
The skipper gave anyone that wanted to pilot the "Duck" to step right up. A
few took up the offer.
Later during the reunion we would board the Branson Belle Showboat
where we had a fine meal and good entertainment.
Heading back to shore.
The fresh air out on the "Duck". Gave most of us an appetite. Our group
always seems to find the "fine dining" establishments during our reunions.
The food was outstanding! (The wife said the ice cream was to die for!) The
service was unmatched! We frequented the establishment several times.