Emma Lee’s Baptism 2012
Shipmates. I received the following e-mail from John Van
Huyck. I thought it would be a great addition to our website. So
with his permission enjoy his explanation why he had to leave our
2012 reunion a day early.
I had a real thrill on October 16 when my great granddaughter was baptized
aboard the guided missile cruiser, USS ANZIO (Cg 64).  Grandson, Alec, is a
Fire Controlman 2nd Class aboard her and arranged for the occasion to take
place there on Emma Lee’s first birthday AND, coincidentally, when he was
also awarded his Enlisted Surface Warfare qualification pin.

The ceremony was quite unusual and can be followed in the attached pictures.  
They take down the ship’s bell, invert it in a special table and place a  dish in it
to receive the holy water.  After appropriate prayers and comments (notice the
Chaplain’s vestment), the holy water is poured into the bell/dish and the actual
baptism takes place.  Following the ceremony, the baby’s name and day’s date
are inscribed on the inside of the bell, to remain with the ship through the rest
of her life.  

This was no incidental deal, either, as the CO, XO and several officers and
crew turned out in full kit to support not only the baptism but a small
wardroom reception afterwards.  

Thanks for the chance to brag a little bit, John
So now when you see John walking around. You'll know why he's walking
a littler prouder ! Thank you John for letting me post our correspondence
for everyone to see.