Like most retired people. We arrive early for any meeting, dinner,
lunch, or just about anything. Here we are waiting for our ride to start
our tour.
Our transportation arrives, and we're headed out to the Pensacola
Veterans Park.
Stay seated. Hold the camera backwards and click!
We pass a fountain that brings back memories of Portsmouth, VA..
They had a similar problem many years back. We didn't allow for the
volume of water. So it was back to the store for another box of Tide,
which got the job done. (At least in our eyes.)
We all watch the Color Guard march into position.
For some if not all. This was their first performance as a unit of the
Color Guard.
After our Memorial Service the Sailors waited very patiently for us old
farts to get it together for a group picture.
This guy should have a sign on his neck proclaiming "Don't let this
happen to you!"
We finally board the trolley and head out for McGuire's Pub for lunch.