2014 USS Stribling DD867 Reunion
Firehouse Brewing   (0.08 mi.)

Sanford's  (0.22 mi.)

Murphy's Pub and  Grill (0.36 mi.)

Enigmare Restaurant (In Hotel)

445 Lounge (In Hotel - Friday Live Entertainment)

Botticelli  Ristorante Italiano  (0.27 mi.)  523 Main Street  
Listed below are a few eateries and watering holes within walking
distance from the hotel. The links will take you to their websites so
you can access their menu's.
I've done the walk and sampled the menu's a few years back.
If you are flying into the local airport. Notify the hotel when you make
your reservation. They provide FREE transportation (with 24 hours
advance notice). I would suggest calling them again as a reminder if
you have made your reservations early. Although the "service" is free.
A driver gratuity "is expected".
This is the last year I will be bringing the "Wind Chimes.
I have finally ran out of material!
The "Ding-a-ling" from Ohio