Sturgis is not all about motorcycles
Golf Tournament
Hopefully next year at "lower altitudes" I will be back with the group playing for
the championship!
During our "free time" many traveled the area and saw the sights.
Sherri and Mary decided to stay close to the ground. She did get this picture of
Tom and Larry as seen below.
Tom is by himself on the left! (The one in the blue jacket)
I wanted to get out and have my picture taken with them. Dot
said it would be too hard for everyone to tell which one was
the jackass!
All our previous trips out west. We never quite understood what the heck was
along the side of the road. Don Carlson cleared it up for me.
They weren't some kind of (so I thought) snow fence.
In reality. They are barricades placed in the way of migrating herds of wildlife. It
disrupts their natural migration trails, and hopefully keeps them off of the