You'll know you have the correct hotel when you walk
into the lobby
I almost felt guilty walking across the lobby floor. The bright dots that you see are
the reflection from the overhead lights.
We are in the heart of things with our hotel. There are many restaurants within
walking distance, not to mention the Craft Breweries!
My last time out here the prices were reasonable for everything. That was in 2007.
Sanford's was a good place for filling meals. Oh, by the way. The beer was
Mount Rushmore is absolutely awesome ! Our visit was scheduled in the early
evening back in 2007. That has good and bad sides to it. Sundown out west is
different than in the east. In the east we gradually loose light. Out west it starts
getting dark..............then BAM!! It's dark!
It's an awesome walk from the parking lot then up to the viewing area. It makes
you feel humble. (At least it did me.)
The Chief Crazy Horse Monument is HUGE! You can take the Mount Rushmore
Monument and place it over Chief Crazy Horses temple and it looks like a blemish
it's so big!
You can drive a bus through the hole they made through the stone!
This is a model of what the monument will look like upon completion.
The horse sculpture is part of the grounds.
Our hotel is a short drive to the "Badlands". It's areas such as these that we sent
our American Indian to live out their lives. SHAME ON US !
When not on major highways keep alert. Many areas have "open" grazing.
The grazing is not just for cattle.
The buffalo are nice to see. DON'T get out of your vehicle. They can go from 0 to
40 MPH in nothing flat. They are wild animals.........
They say; "When the head is down and the tail is up, and the ears are back. The
buffalo is either going to charge OR discharge"!
I've seen a buffalo spring 8 foot into the air from a standing position.
Our hotel is a (my guesstimate) day trip to see "Devils Tower" in Wyoming.
I took secondary roads to see "Devils Tower". We came across this 5 or 6 foot gem
getting a little sun on the warming asphalt.
Firehouse Brewing   (0.08 mi.)

Sanford's  (0.22 mi.)

Murphy's Pub and  Grill (0.36 mi.)

Enigmare Restaurant (In Hotel)

445 Lounge (In Hotel - Friday Live Entertainment)
Listed below are a few eateries and watering holes within walking
distance from the hotel. The links will take you to their websites so
you can access their menu's.
I've done the walk and sampled the menu's a few years back.