2016 Reunion Information
Please see below a description of the revised tour below.

Monday, October 10, 2016:  9:00am – 4:00pm
·         Travel with a tour guide to one of Virginia Beach's most
popular and unique attractions, the Military Aviation Museum.
Guests will explore the rich aviation history of our country through an
in-depth guided tour. Learn about the meticulously restored vintage
aircraft and numerous other veteran vehicles housed in a variety of
hangers and within the main museum. Many aircraft have been fully
restored to their World War II condition and are used for flight
demonstration, movie production or commercials. Enjoy a guided
tour of the galleries and shopping in the gift shop which is stocked
with all things flight related.
·         Continue on to a delicious meal at the charming Freemason
Abbey Restaurant, housed in a 135-year-old renovated church. For
nearly thirty years it has been a local’s favorite restaurant, featuring
a varied menu with something for everyone. The décor is reminiscent
of English style pub houses and has a warm, casual yet elegant
tavern atmosphere.
·         Following lunch, visit the MacArthur Memorial for a glimpse
into our country’s history. Here you will view the outstanding
collection housed in Norfolk's historic city hall which trace the life
and achievements of five-star General Douglas MacArthur. You will
also have the opportunity to view the short film which chronicles the
General’s life. The General and Mrs. MacArthur are entombed in the
rotunda of the memorial. Nine separate galleries arranged in two
levels circle the rotunda and tell the story of General MacArthur and
the millions of American men and women who served in the United
States Armed Forces from the Civil War through the Korean War. A
gift shop with unique memorabilia is located on the premises.
·         Before returning to your hotel, enjoy a stop at Doumar’s,
home of the world’s first ice cream cone machine. Abe Doumar
created the first ice cream cone at the World’s Fair of 1904 in St.
Louis. It was so successful that he designed a four-iron waffle
machine that he launched during the Jamestown Exposition of 1907.
Today, the family business still bakes cones on the original cone
machine. While at Doumar’s, guests will be given an  introduction
and history and everyone will be treated to an ice cream and cone.