Bring back some memories?
May 1 - 4 1986
The men who served on the USS Stribling can be justifiably proud, weather carrying out
National Policies or showing the United States Flag in many ports of the world.

The Stribling carried herself like the "Queen of the Sea" she was.

The ship carried out many tasks efficiently and effectively gaining a fine reputation
among the various task forces and fleets with which she served.

Years hence the men who made these cruises will spin yarns of world travelers. They
will remember with pride the jobs done well and at the same time will affectionately
recall the good times together with good shipmates aboard a gallant ship.

Therefore, I think it appropriate to dedicate this reunion with all the memories it contains,
to the beautiful Lady who made this all possible, Our Lady the USS STRIBLING

Ed Burris
Reunion Coordinator
A gold Boatswain's pipe, recovered from the Spanish treasure ship, Santa
Margarita, sunk in a hurricane off of the Florida Keys, in the year 1622. The one's
used now haven't changed much in 385 years have they?