My Dad, Carl was a plank holder.  He passed in 2012.

His recollection follows:

Next I reported to the Norfolk Navy Yard Destroyer Training School joining
the crew destined for the USS Stribling DD867 being built at the Brooklyn
Navy Yard.  I attended the Navigation School and became Assistant
Navigator and Assistant First Lieutenant when our ship was commissioned in
August 1945 at the same time as the then largest carrier in the world, the
FDR, slid down the ways.  As we "Dressed Ship" and stood at attention, the
current caused by that huge hull slipping into the harbor started our destroyer
moving along the pier breaking  our water hose connection to give us a
glorious bath.

We had a shakedown cruise to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and brief excitement
when ordered to Port au Prince, Haiti to protect US interests during a
revolution.  In December '45 we returned to Chesapeake Bay proceeding up
the Potomac River to Washington for the world premiere of the movie "They
Were Expendable".  Our skipper was Captain John D. Buckley of PT boat
fame who took MacArthur off the Philippines.  

The ship having received structural damage in heavy seas off Cape Hatteras in
addition to normal discoveries during a shakedown cruise, we returned to the
Brooklyn Navy Yard for repairs.
Repairs completed, our ship was ordered to the Fleet Sonar School at Key
West, FL. I was discharged in July 1946 and returned to Dartmouth for
football practice in August.
Honorably discharged with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade in the 1946.
Personal memories of Plank Owner
Carlton Frank Evans (Lt. Jg.)