November 11, 2010
The following is a collection of pictures from my Veterans Day activities.
I think the crowd of around 2500 people (as per the Sheriffs Department)
was larger than they expected.
As each flag was raised for the Army, Marine, Merchant Marines, Coast
Guard, Navy and Air Force the local school choir sang their respective songs.
It was a personal honor to be among so many veterans.
The larger contributors were honored and given flags that were flown in  Iraq.
Their contributions ranged from $2000 to $25,000
Additional money was raised through the sale of individual bricks of various
sizes for the walkway heading up to the main memorial.
All veterans were asked to line up on the walkway leading to the main
memorial. We passed the torch from one veteran to the next during the
dedication of the new Green Veterans Memorial Park.
Kathy Crabtree whose husband was killed in Iraq and Emily Kuglics whose
brother was killed in Iraq also, ceremoniously lit the eternal flame.
While the whole ceremony ran slightly off schedule. As to be expected our  
U. S. Air Force did not. At precisely 11:11 two F16's from the 178th Fighter
Wing did a flyover at the lowest altitude that I have ever seen. It caught just
about everyone by surprise. I still get goose bumps thinking about it. They
rocked everyone's socks off!