Hawaii and Panama
Pearl Entrance with a December Relic on the shoreline
Peral Harbor
Diamond Head
Goodbye Hawaii !
Panama Canal
Atlantic Side Entrance/Exit
Ron Stokes BT2, A Navy Brat born in Ancon, Panama
Canal Zone. Made 4 passes through the Canal and never
stepped foot on Panamanian soil! He always had the duty!
USS Meredith DD 890 one of four as DESDIV 142
Fellow shipmates
Bob "Rosey" Rosenberger BT3
Ron Stokes BT2
Rich Selfe BT3
Dan "Deacon" Jones BT3    "OB" O'Brien BT3
Sunset in the Tonkin Gulf
Bob "Ralph" Bagwell  BT3
"Hogs Alley"
"Short Timer" Ron Stokes  BT2
"OB" O'Brien  In His Tree
Ron Stokes BT2                                         Bob "Oink Brown" Fowler BT3
a little damp after leaving "the hole".
Inner Passage Way
Kure and Hirosima
Scenery heading in to Kures
2 Japanese Navy Subs at Kure
The church in the background survived the "A" Bomb in 1945
Return to sea
SeaKnight droping mail while plane guarding
Stribling Unrep's  (fuel & water)
USS Chicago  CG11 lightline transfer during SAR/PIRAZ
Lunchstop for the Army in July
The next group of pictures may bring back a few memories
to those that went to Hong Kong. No need to elaborate.
Aahhhhhhhhhhhh the things we save !
Many thanks to Ron Stokes for his contribution.
He identified everything in all the pictures.    
Well done Ron!
DD 867 Departing Mayport 1100 1/30/69
The photo below demonstrates Ron Stokes expertise in
the After Fire room.
2/4/69 Entering the Panama Canal