Welcome, glad you found the site. Please look around and feel free to offer
suggestions. This site is for all former Shipmates, both Officers and
Enlisted. If you are not a member of our club, welcome aboard, and please
consider joining our fine group. If you are a member, thank you for
checking in.
Crewmember: One of a body of individuals that comprise  a
I don't know when your e-mail address changes or when a
spouse may pass away.
YOU have to notify me. By notifying
me you may save someone unneeded grief.  
Shipmate: One of a body of individuals that comprise the heart
of the ship. A friend, a buddy, a lifelong memory that is a living part of
the ship that can be counted on in times of need and times of  strife,
and  can also be counted on in times of revelry and joy.
A soul and sentiment that will live forever and echo in the hearts and
minds of his fellow shipmates.
Please be aware that this Website may not display properly in
all cases on Mobil or Tablet devices. In order for our Website
to operate on said devices would incur additional monies to be
Shipmates and family

Please don’t read anything into this in light of the Covid-19 disease.

I have NO symptoms as of 3/18/2020.  I just don’t want to be

caught short wishing I would have said something.

I thank each and every one of you individually and collectively for

your friendship and love. It has been my honor to operate our

Website representing our club. I hope it has been a pleasant

experience for you when you visited. I plan on hosting it as long as

possible, until I no longer can for whatever reason. Hopefully I will

see you at our next reunion. I borrowed the following quote

with permission from a shipmate. It says so much with so few words.

" Our Shipmates;  Truly good Friends -
      Difficult to lose - and Impossible to Forget."

Smooth sailing and mind your rudder,
Charlie Brown
Sherri and Larry Fehlinger
6/06/2020 - Our reunion dates are set. October 11th thru 15th, 2021
Grande Shores Ocean Resort, 77th Avenue N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572
The plans are a work in progress so check back for more information as it
becomes available.
2020 Reunion
Dear Shipmates below is part of the correspondence that I have received from Yahoo. It has been
my honor and pleasure to operate your Website. In light of the latest developments this old dog has
no desire to learn and implement a new system so it will be shutting down March 31, 2021. If
anyone wishes to create a Stribling Website please feel free to contact Larry Fehlinger at

Bill Seymore said it best. "This is like giving someone notice they have to learn a new language
in two months and convert everything they ever wrote to the new language".

Sincerely, Charlie Brown
Dear Charlie,

Starting on
March 31st, 2021, we will discontinue support for the Yahoo SiteBuilder editor to
increase focus on our newer website creation tools.

Here’s what you need to know about your current site.

•Your website will stay online for now.
• After
March 31 2021, you will no longer be able to edit or update your website.
If you wish to make changes and updates in the future you must create a new website.